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What is Sober Coaching?

For the person just out of treatment, sobriety is a minute-by-minute choice. Typically, treatment lasts anywhere from 30 to 90 days. This is long enough to get sober, get healthier and learn some tools and strategies to help build a foundation of recovery. But what happens when you leave treatment? What happens when you have a work-related social event where alcohol will be served? What happens after you get into that big fight with your parents that leaves you feeling frustrated and sad? What happens when your long-time romantic partner decides to break things off, or you get fired from your job?

These are all life things that happen, but the problem is that treatment may last three months, but you may have been using for two decades. That is a long time using substances, and you need other tools to help cope with the curveballs that life sometimes throws.
Of course, it isn’t just dramatic events that can trigger the urge to use, here are some other triggers:






Physical discomfort

Running into someone you used with